Bathroom sex games

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So when was last time you played bathroom sex games sex game with your girl for purposes other than to get clean? Having sex in the shower can be a great way to add some kinky fun into your relationship. It is not uncommon for one partner if not both to feel a little shy or apprehensive when first starting out. To help eliminate some of the discomfort and apprehension, take some time to establish a set of rules for your fun in the shower sex. Agreeing on a set of rules prior to engaging in shower sex games will help both you and your girl feel more comfortable exploring this new area of your relationship together.

This will allow both of you to enjoy bathroom sex games game and partake in the fun to the fullest extent. What kinds of rules should you set? The following are some suggestions:. Playing around in the shower can bring to mind various dangers for some, such as slipping and banging your head against something, breaking a leg, etc. So agree to keep an open mind. Sex games are all about having fun. And one of the things that make them fun is the surprise factor! Although you should discuss your boundaries ahead of time, there can come a time when something not discussed is encountered and one or the other partner might not feel comfortable doing it.

So come up with a word that lets your partner know that the game has pushed you to your limit and you wish to go no further. It can be fun to share with your best friend the details of your exciting shower adventures. Most couples prefer to keep videos and photos between the two of them, but if you are okay with your partner showing someone else, be specific on who that is.

Shower sex games can be a great way to get her wet and add wild fun to your relationship. So be sure to talk things over with your lover. Doing so will ensure you both get the most out of your these pleasurable experiences and keep you and your partner coming back for more. One common sexual fantasy among both men and women is to dominate or be dominated by our partner like BDSM. This is a great game for couples to play because it can help to increase the emotional bond between them.

So when preparing to play this game, light some scented candles and either dim or completely turn off the bathroom lights. The role of the Slave is to clean your lover from head to toe without engaging in sexual intercourse.

Bathroom sex games

You can touch, stroke, lick, and do anything else you wish, whether your Master asks for it or not. Get a goldmine of sexy fun techniques for driving your woman absolutely wild with 5 FREE but powerful orgasm techniques. Once you have mastered these 5 orgasm secretsyou can give her indescribable pleasure and have her sexually satisfied in no time. To start, undress your Master. Next, sit your Master down, either on a chair or the edge of the bathtub, and gently brush or comb his or her hair. Make sure the water is already warm.

Next, take the big bath sponge and lather is with the soap or body washes until you have lots of suds. Next, wet the long, thin towel and then twist it so that it is rolled up like a thin, spiral tube. For a female Master, position the towel between her legs so that one end is in front of her and the other end is behind her. Next, move the towel back and forth, slowly bathroom sex games softly, so that the towel sensually rubs her vagina. Where you have sex is up to you and your partner— bathroom counter, bathroom floor, or in the bed—you choose.

Make your woman swim in orgasmic bliss. What makes Amsterdam Windows so fun is the voyeurism and the self-pleasure that couples can take part in while playing out their role. To set the moodconsider changing out the bathroom light bulbs with red bulbs or use a stand-alone strobe light unit. As a naughty lady of the night, your job is to seduce your voyeur and lure him into participating in some erotic pleasures with you. To do so, you must tease him by running your hands across your body, touching and pleasuring your most intimate parts. Be as naughty as possible, as your goal is to entice your voyeur into some bathroom sex games of his own.

The white t-shirt will expose your hard nipples and turn your voyeur on! With the voyeur seated in the chair, it will now be up to the Prostitute to play her seductive role to the fullest. Your goal is to turn your voyeur on, so make sure to do a lot of teasing.

Bathroom sex games

To steam things up, push your body against the glass to add a bit of torment to his highly aroused state. Eventually, you will want to play with your clitoris and slide your fingers in and out of your vagina. If you have a removable shower head, you can use it directly on your vagina and possibly bring yourself to a climax of your own.

Pleasure yourself as you watch her touch her own erogenous zones. Amsterdam Windows is about carrying out a sexual fantasy that thousands of people share—watching our partner touch and play with him or herself.

You should act like complete strangers, with one of you in the shower and the other sitting in the chair getting turned on by whatever he or she does while inside the shower. This will give you an opportunity to pleasure each other as you watch yourselves. But what you may not know is that there are more fun and naughty version of this game called Wet Bathroom sex games of Sex and Fortune. The object of Wet Wheel of Sex and Fortune is to do whatever sex position or act the wheel lands on.

Because this game is fairly popular, you can purchase a variation of this game from most adult sex stores or order one online. You can either as a period of time such as 5 minutes to bathroom sex games sex act on the wheel, or you can make two wheels: one with the sex acts and the other with times listed on it. If you use two wheels, then you spin both to find out which sex act you will perform and for how long. In making your wheel with the sex acts, you can both write out the sex act or cut and paste a picture of the sex act onto the wheel such as kissing, sucking her nipples, licking his penis, etc.

Be sure to include some sexy and fun sex positions on the wheel doggy style, a woman on top, etc. So use your imagination to include a spot that you might be a tad bit shy about doing if landed on, yet something your partner would love to see you perform! Just remember: wherever the wheel stops, there must be a time limit applied to whatever sex act you wind up performing by yourself or together. For this reason, be sure to have some wine or other beverage and some food think romantic—strawberries, cheese, and crackers, grapes, etc. When you feel you and your lover are aroused, continue with some foreplay to really get each other going.

This is an important start to the game, as the Sex Wheel should be based more on sex positions, oral sex, and other intimate sex acts than anything else. Even then, there can be some limitations to some of the sex positions you can put on your Sex Wheel.

A variation of regular doggy style, but with both of you standing up. She bends over and balances herself by placing her hands against the wall of the shower or side of the bathroom sex games. You remain standing as you penetrate her from behind. This is great if you have a bathtub. Just lie down and have her climb aboard. In this position, you both face each other. She wraps her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist. You will need a strong back and legs for this one! For even more excitement, add this one to your wheel.

You and your lover will move out of the shower or tub and over to a nearby bathroom counter. Place her on the counter facing towards you. Make sure to use a counter that has a mirror so you can watch yourself! The more you use your imagination and personalize your Sex Wheel, the more fun the game will be! If for any reason one of you is not able to perform the act for the required amount of time, then assess a penalty, such as taking away a turn, handcuffing your partner to the shower head during the next sex act. Keep in mind that Wet Wheel of Sex and Fortune is all about having fun and spending some quality time together.

There you have it—three shower sex games that are sure to add some wet and wild fun to your sex life!

Bathroom sex games

All you have to do now is try them out on your partner. Just remember to talk things over with your lover and go over the rules. I will stop here if you loved bathroom sex games this amazing article you'll also love this powerful video presentation below. We're not here to play games so you can manipulate your ificant other My only intention is to help you and your partner have a healthy and loving relationship by working on your intimacy with each other.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Learn More. Search how to improve your sex life:. In this guide I'm sharing three very sexy shower sex games that are guaranteed to make things between you and your girl hot and steamy.

In doing so, you will achieve the following benefits. Instead, relax and go with the flow. But your partner might not agree with you divulging this information. This is especially the case if you decide to videotape yourselves during your sexy fun. If you partake in this, be sure to agree on a place where the video can be kept for safekeeping. By this, I mean bathroom sex games as if you or your partner is a slave. One popular sex game that allows you to explore this fantasy is the Shower Sex Slave. This is because the game is meant to be played out slowly.

Ambiance is very important for this game. If possible, turn on some soft music that has both a relaxing and sexy feel to it. The Slave Girl The role of the Slave is to clean your lover from head to toe without engaging in sexual intercourse. However, you must carry out any and all demands made by your Master. Save this for after the shower if you decide to have sex at all. You must also remain completely silent during the game. This is part of playing the role of submission.

Bathroom sex games

To add to the fun, use an authoritative tone when speaking to your shower sex slave. Remember: you are the Master, so you have all the power!

Bathroom sex games

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