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So, has sort of become my Tales of year. With that I think that I have quite a few Tales of games under my belt now, so I thought, why not rank them from best to worst? So, here's my ranking along with platform I played them on:.

Best tales of game reddit

Tales of Symphonia GC. Tales of Xillia 2 PS3. Tales of Phantasia PS1. Tales of Berseria PC. Tales of Graces f PS3. Tales of Vesperia Switch. Tales of Xillia PS3. Tales of the Abyss 3DS. Tales of Eternia PS1. Tales of Zestiria PS3. Tales of Phantasia GBA. I love the Tales of series and it is my 1 favourite video game franchise. And I can safely say that I loved each and every game on this list. Even Zestiria. Even Dawn of the New World. The difference in quality between those two versions is so huge that I just had to give them both their own entry.

And yes, the GBA version of Phantasia is the only Tales of game I didn't really like, but it's more because of it being a terrible version of a fantastic game, not because of the game itself. On the same note I didn't split the Symphonia games into their original and their Chronicles counterpart, since there is barely any difference. Lastly, I mentioned above that I also got around to playing Tales of Destiny, but I dropped it.

The truth is I didn't like it very much, but since I didn't finish it I can't fairly rank it. So no Destiny on my list. How would you rank your Tales of experiences? I'd really like to know, especially, if you have games in your list that I haven't played yet. Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 - my most favorite Tales of game so far. It's just fun to mix and match different Tales of characters in my party.

I have played this for hundreds best tales of game reddit hours on my PSP for many years Too bad I didn't understand the story much, but the combat was just way too fun so the language barrier isn't much of a problem for me. Tales of Symphonia - I found the cast very lovable and the combat system very fun despite the lack of free run this was my 3rd Tales of game, after I played Tales of Eternia then Radiant Mythology 1. I like how there's lo of alternate dialogue and scenes depending on the dialogue choices you make. Iria is a blast to play as, and I love her personality.

Tales of Rebirth - I enjoyed the combat system very much, and Annie and Hilda are awesome! Tales of the World Radiant Best tales of game reddit 2 - This game made me really want to learn Japanese, and thanks to this one I was motivated to at least learn hiragana and katakana to at least navigate this game. Like what I've mentioned about 3, I enjoy this one for mixing and matching characters and the combat.

Tales of VS - Pretty fun fighting game spinoff. Oh, and it's interesting to see Mint in a fighting game Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 3 - This was okay too, the costumed protagonists felt like a fun gimmick. Like what I have mentioned in RM 2 and 3, I enjoy mixing and matching characters for the combat. Though if I were to rank it among the other games I have played after it, it's not really that good compared to the other games. Tales of the Rays - I had fun with this one since it's like Radiant Mythology. But since it's a gacha I don't regard it highly.

Tales of Link - This was interesting, I liked the story, and the artstyle is cute, and I like how it's basically a Tales of themed puzzle game. But like above, since it's best tales of game reddit gacha, I don't regard it highly. Tales of Vesperia - the combat feels a bit clunky, but it's okay. Tales of Eternia - This was my first Tales of game. Though I know I enjoyed story and characters back then, it's hard to appreciate it now for me due to how linear it is.

Tales of Phantasia - To be honest I don't remember much about this game anymore, aside the names of the main cast. Tales of Crestoria - like my issue with Link and Rays, I don't regard this one too highly since it's a gacha. The main cast seems pretty interesting enough though. Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave - Didn't enjoy the combat system for this game, it felt too all over the place. Rays, Crestoria and Link have much better gameplay. Is Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 really that good? Now I'm really curious. Because I sort of had the same problem. The combat didn't impress me that much.

It felt like the enemies had way too many invincibility frames. Yes, I was pretty split on Berseria and sort of had the same problem. The cast had way more banter than ever before, which was great, but I honestly didn't like Laphicet very much or rather Laphicet in late-gameand I just didn't care about Rokuro at all. I fell in love with the story, and especially the characters.

I grew up playing this game over and over again. It might not be very good for a lot of the new players to the series, but Symphonia holds such a special place in my heart. I wouldn't change anything about it. Despite the fact that the graphics aren't holding up very well, I think it's part of its charm. The character des by Fujishima look amazing and I love the world de just as much. A true classic Tales with a variety of dungeons and puzzles. Pretty much for the same reasons as Symphonia overall: love the story, the characters and the world they live in.

Great des across de board. Also the best looking Tales imo. Very close behind Symphonia, which says a lot. Very happy with the diverse cast, a nice change from the regular Tales heroes. Unlike other Tales who had multiple character deers for the main cast XilliaZestiriathis one works for me. Not a fan of the dungeons, but they're a lot better than Zestiria so I won't complain. I really liked the darker tone of this story. It's a very unique game.

I enjoyed it a lot. I'm a big fan of Fujishima's characters as always. The story is also good. Not a fan of the graphics, one of the worst I tried in of PS2 as well, doesn't look much better. I appreciated the experience regardless. It's not that great, but the TOS cast is my favorite. I was happy to go on a new adventure with them, especially since we get to see Sheena quite a lot.

Best tales of game reddit

Nostalgia is pretty much the main reason why it's up here. I wish we could've had more freedom whe it comes to choosing your team and its on-screen leader. Could've done without Emil and Martha. Although I didn't like Xillia, adding the new characters to the cast made it feel more complete. This time, I really liked the story, it kept me interested. Started liking the original cast. Not a fan of Inomata's des, but I'm glad I tried that one out.

I kinda liked the characters and had fun playing it. Disliked the fighting mechanics though. But overall, it had a ''classic'' feel to it that made me enjoy it. A true classic. Nothing amazing about it compared to more recent games, but it was still interesting. I liked the music. The characters aren't so bad, I kinda like Alisha.

But boy, exploring all those underground ruins all the time felt repetitive. I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it. I didn't like the graphics at all. The story was missing something.

Best tales of game reddit

All the characters together didn't feel cohesive. Didn't like the world de. Felt incomplete and rushed. I think for me I would have put Xillia 2 above Abyss, and Graces F generally lower, but other than that, my list is exactly the same. Symphonia, Vesperia, and Abyss were my first three and really made me love the series for all it's quirkier pieces, which is something I think the newer games don't do as well.

The questing just for costumes, unique weaponry, and more creative puzzle dungeons are something I really miss from the later entries. There were way too many ruins that were way too similar. Rank 9 out of 12 isn't that bad, is it? I liked Eternia a lot, but the other games just were better in my opinion.

The only things I didn't like about Eternia were the lack of skits in the English version, the really high difficulty in some of the boss battles and the part where you had to use the Aifish to look for a way back to Inferia. Other than that it was a fantastic game with a great 2D artstyle.

Best tales of game reddit Best tales of game reddit

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