Family man game

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The protagonist Joe Hawthorne used to be involved in a lot of crimes, but things started to look up for him when he met his partner in a bar. They got married and had together, with life seemingly going well. But financial trouble starts to cause friction between them. Then Joe's best friend Bobby says he's gotten into contact with a guy named Delroy that will give them money — in exchange for performing a little task for him. This le to Joe losing his job and having no means of providing for his family anymore, as his partner is currently incapable of working due to injury.

He gets called up to meet with Delroy, only to end up owned by the mob.

Family man game

Joe has to pay back his debt to them in daily increments. The player decides if Joe will continue to be an upstanding citizen in Riverport or fall back into his life of crime to clear the debt faster. And then there is also Joe's family to take care of, as they will leave for good if they aren't happy.

Family man game

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Family man game Family man game

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Family Man