Furry vore game

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Furry vore game

I8UBeta: Online Player. So I remembered how to actually set this up to work, hopefully. If not I'mma have some 'splainin' to do. Listed in Folders I8U Beta. Heartlessdragoon27 One who dances with Darkness link. Heartlessdragoon27 One who dances with Darkness link parent. Yeah, I ed the wrong file.

Furry vore game

Fixed it now. Sillydraco Digital Artist link parent. SilencedOne Game Deer link. It's finally here! Holy cow! And it's amazing! Deadinsideforlife link. Deadinsideforlife link parent. Anonomouse Ameteur Artist link. This is really good! It's cool to see the wips of stuff like this :3 Keep up the good work!

I maybe drawing some fan art of this just a question, will there be sound in a later update or no? MacabreKaiser Digital Artist link. The animations are very smooth, but with both the online and offline versions, I'm not getting any sounds, unless the sounds weren't complete as well. Vorefanaticdotcom Writer link parent. It really is a shame there's no sound. And that you're not going to work on this further.

It really is tremendously fun.

Furry vore game

Sound would make it pretty wonderful. TajTrophic link. Tyranocinus doesn't have a vore animation, besides pinned down by his foot? When he's crouched down, get bitten with lower health. TajTrophic link parent. Like he said, they're incomplete and probably will be for a long time.

Ahh I see! Oops I understand what he meant by crouched down JamesTheGryphon James link. Radarn Art Whore link. The belch for the fox is perfect. BlackSpiralDancer link parent. How did you get the audio working? Mine doesn't seem to want to work right. Radarn Art Whore link parent. ApocalypseMan98 Writer link. Love the work Al. Furry vore game hard is it to create these monsters? I'd love to try and make one but I don't know how hard it is to do so.

SteelVulpes Watcher link. BrennanHalls Vector Artist link. Man it's so cool to see how you've evolved as an artist. Superb stuff, this! Dreamclaw link. It is a real shame you don't plan to work on this further as this version promises even more variety and overall looks much more like a proper modern game compared to the original Barbftr engine. I really liked the dino stomping animation - there is not enough stuff like this in Barbftr. I have to wonder though, were you planning to add implicit digestion wherein in the case with dangerous or hostile beasts the belly shrinks I doubt preds spitting out furry vore game of gear or bones are really your thingand then the player reforms himself outside via a magic pendant or spell of sorts?

Recompense Observer link parent. Dreamclaw link parent. But is vore with reformation really fatal? Pootdispenserhere link parent. Reformation is nonfatal. Endo is without digestion. RealmDragon link. Recompense Observer link. The artstyle reminds me of one of those flash games you can pull of the net to fill an afternoon, easy on the eyes. Animations are super smooth too! Dainsleft Want some eyes cream? Tested online on the phone, so far it's all good and I can't note anything other than what I expect already has been, incomplete but playable and a nice concept so far, hopefully it'll stick this time.

Hex23 link. I dont have sound? Neferion Writer link. SpotTea Adventure Scout link. Oh good lord this is utterly adorable! Meowburt Well excuuuuuuuuse me, princess! This is awesome, but I can't hear any sound? Seems there isn't any yet, hopefully? Graros Digital Artist link. Zegun Watcher link. Shame you don't want to continue it, seemed to turn out pretty good so far. Nox-the-avali link. I don't hear any sound is that in or is it being added later.

Valiance Hunter link.

Furry vore game

Great job Alsnapz. I always enjoy seeing your works, even if they don't always end up as you had originally intended them to be. Good luck on future projects! Comment hidden by its owner. Fantastic work; I really dig the fox's animations, especially when sitting after catching furry vore game player from the bush. I know I'd love for there to be sound. It always makes the experience in these flash games even better when there's good sound applied.

Disregard67 Hungry dino link. Looks great so far. Definitely enjoy seeing the Jadros dragon and particularly the Tyranorcinus. Both of them have true potential for awesome vore pleasure animations! Disregard67 Hungry dino link parent. KelvynKo Watcher link. Personally i think you should add sounds, it'd be a nice last touch if you're not gonna touch it again. Even if you didnt end up finish this its still really amazing. I also like you found the line of whats not fun anymore to work on, so i hope this experience will add to a great future project s you enjoy working on!

Damn boi the animation quality is of the charts. Really hope you use these characters somewhere else, the des are awesome, especially love Jadros, the Tyranorcinus is the second best! I'm really liking it so far especially Jadros.

Furry vore game

Looks fantastic, would be perfect with sound. CakeInferno 3D Animator link. Amazing work on this! I can only guess how long this must have taken to complete. All of these characters and animations are of certainly remarkable quality! I respect your work a ton!

Furry vore game

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