Futanaria games

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A New Dawn - This game is set in the year You are Victoria and your father is the duke. Your house is on fire and you have to get out fast Femdom City: M. The guys here are a lot littler than normal as well as they don't have any mu In this game Dungeon Slaves, your character's name is Amy, and she is an elvish maid. There was an orc raid on your village, and now you have to free the girls who were taken away as sex slaves.

Their freedom will depend on your abilit R: An Apocalyptic Tale - A nuclear war has just ended. You peak out of your shelter to find out that not much has survived. The devastating cost of futanaria games is evident as you walk open this new foreign world. Do you have what it In Superhuman, you're an year-old young man who has a freak accident who now can shapeshift. You come to terms with your powers.

However, will you use them for good or evil?

Futanaria games

Who knows, you may only use them as a source of entertainm That Girl game - You're driving home, and you see a girl. You can hear her cry as a drunk man is beating her. What are you going to do? Are you going to allow him to beat her, or will you step in and do something about it? Who knows wh Summertime Saga game - A young man's father is killed, and he can't make sense of it.

His dad was in debt to criminals who decided to make him pay the ultimate price.

Futanaria games

Somehow, this young guy needs to face all of this while trying to sa In Panacea, you're a young woman who tries a new drug that has metaphoric properties. You can probably already see where this is going. Your goal here is to keep it together and not get too crazy. Though, this new drug opens up worlds In Dryad Quest RPG, you've got the arduous task of trying to keep a part of the world safe from the demon's decay.

You must get other races together to fight the dem Earn Your Freedom game - You play an year-old man who has been captured by some evil guys. These criminals force you to work in a brothel. If you're a futanaria games little slut who obeys, they will take it easy on you. Do you want to be some In SuperPowered, Billy is a young guy who is still living with his mom.

Maggie, his mom, buys Billy his very first superpower. They don't have much money, which is why she buys him X-ray vision. His mom works as a nurse, and they can b The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment game - Your character has moved in with a sister to start a new life. But he's shy and has trouble even talking to women. However, the sister is just the opposite and has a lot of friends and isn't shy a In Mental Blast, you're Elexis, aka Futanaria games, in this game. She starts dreaming and seeing the most bizarre hypnotic visions after an accident.

The visions are fucking with her mind, and she wants to get rid of them. Elexis has had encount In the WVM sex game, you are a young basketball superstar. You've had a pretty shitty life and were orphaned at a young age. Now you're going to a terrible school called WVM, and their basketball team sucks. It will take all of your sk Monster Girl Farmer game - Your farm is about to go under, but everything takes a turn when a starving monster girl breaks into your house.

Futanaria games

What does she offer you in exchange for taking her in? She will help you start your own monster The Making of a Slut game - You transform from a male to a female in this game.

Futanaria games

You were already an effeminate college guy. Now you're a girl who is learning all about her body. It's as strange as it sounds. Have you ever wished you we Angelica's Temptation: From the Beginning futanaria games - Try to follow along with this story because it's a real doozy.

Angelica is a housewife who is married to Henry. Their relationship isn't what it used to be, and one of the reasons for th She is gorgeous and still looks young for her age. Yoon wants to sow her wild oats before she's too old to enjoy herself sexually. Will she an Renryuu: Ascension sex game - Are you ready to become a half-dragon and half-human?

Futanaria games

It's a strange character to be in a game, but that's what Ryen is. You will have to follow the maps and other stuff like a typical RPG. If you're seeki Crossdressing in Camelot - the game you're about to play is, at times, a futanaria games weird.

The main character is a young man who wants more than anything to become an adventurer. Somehow, he finds himself becoming feminized in a way that i In the Inner Growth game, you follow around the protagonist named Thalna. She spends almost all of her time in the underworld. Above all else, your decision-making skills will be put to the test in this game.

Every decision you make wi Family Affair - Week 2 game - Puberty isn't the easiest thing for a guy to go through. It's even more complicated when hot girls surround you like the main character is. The story follows the life of the Robertson family, who is nothin The Old School Blazin' game is a story from the 90s about a hard-living guy.

He loves to drink, do drugs, and fuck all kinds of girls. It sounds like a pretty exciting lifestyle.

Futanaria games

The problem is, living like this can easily catch up wit There are very few men in Sex Valley. In Alenja's Adventures, a daughter of a female warrior is named Alenja.

Futanaria games

She is working hard to develop her fighting skills. As she's learning how to fight, Alenja also discovers her sexuality. You will learn how to manage your sexual d

Futanaria games

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