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Several increments of 60 minutes. Multiple thousands of seconds. You huff and sigh dramatically, rolling around on his bed, accidentally knocking his Zero Two body pillow off. Good riddance. But still, nothing takes his attention from his prettily lit gaming set-up. Laying back on his pillows, you bunch your skirt up around your waist and then slip your hand down your teeny tiny, baby pink silk panties.

You let out an over the top moan, hoping to break through the sounds of his game. He does not move a single inch. Ever persistent, you stay at task, actually getting a little turned on gamer sex tumblr your quick moving little fingers rubbing over your clit. You let moans fall from your mouth freely, thinking about one of the few times he actually let you support him from under the desk. You drooling all over his swollen, uncut cock. Him leaving his mic on at your request. Him struggling to get out coherent sentences to his teammates.

Gamer sex tumblr

Him struggling to keep from moaning as he came silently down your throat. You can hear the clicking of his keyboard, as his fingers flit over the control keys. His head moves slightly as his eyes jump between his two monitor set-up trying to take everything in.

Gamer sex tumblr

And just like that, at the sound of his pretty voice, cute lisp and all, your mood is broken. Your eyes roll. You take a deep breath to calm yourself and slow your rapid breathing before you crawl to the foot of the bed, closer to him. His room is rather small, so the elaborate set-up he has extends almost to the end of his mattress, barely enough room for the gigantic chair to swivel around. However this is a plus for you because it makes it so you can rest your chin on his shoulder without disturbing him too much.

Do not rush blue! Are you stupid or just a fucking idiot? Even you can hear it.

Gamer sex tumblr

We are outed 6 to 3. In what fucking universe would a rush be a good idea?

Gamer sex tumblr

Are you trying to get flamed in a ranked match? He gently, minisculely, oh-so softly shrugs his shoulder, hinting that he wants you to get off, without saying it, knowing you would very-likely, potentially be offended and a little upset. If he wants you off he can be a big boy and tell you.

Maybe you even dig your chin into the tendons of gamer sex tumblr shoulder on purpose just to be a brat. In fact he deals with you pestering him until you start to mouth at the side of his neck, biting gently. Wet, open mouth kisses leaving a shiny trail on his pulse. You whimper. On your ri- nice Kook- for like 4 days? He smiles when he lands a kill.

Not for long you think. Like giving yourself a manicure with those cute little sanrio decals he got you the other day. A pretty manicure that would look so cute wrapped around his even prettier thick, hard, pink cock. Keywords being would looknot are going to look. But still! You remain resolute in your punishment.

Gamer sex tumblr

No kisses, no handjobs, no nothing. And fuck you, and fuck your friends, and fuck your stupid ass no-scope, flame ass, rush ass game. And especially fuck you Park Jimin, I hope you never receive a blowjob ever again!

He will not be seeing your cleavage as you make your exit. You can hear the distant protest of his teammates coming from the abandoned heet. He hisses at the pain from almost falling, and grabs you by the arm, pulling you back. His hands are firm and strong on your shoulders, keeping you in place. His big hands rub up and down your arms. You hate how it makes your anger die down just a smidge.

Your bottom lip wobbles and your chin gets those ugly dents in it as it quivers. You sob. Gamer sex tumblr falling back, mouth hanging open in miserable wails as you drop to the ground defeated. But you did your best, fought a valiant fight. It happens to the best of girls, you suppose. He drops to the floor as well and you can still hear the laugh in his voice.

It only makes you cry harder. He cups your face in his palms, thumbs wiping away your tears only for new ones to quickly take their place. He does his best to still his features into a more serious expression. A hint of a smile still lingers. You blink wide eyed, at the little affection.

Gamer sex tumblr

You sniffle. You groan. And you do. Gaming was really important to him, and he was really good at it, even earning a side income from streaming. One that has been neglected and ignored for hours. One that is always desperate for his attention and affection. They laughed at me. He sighs and his head falls. His fingers play with the edge of your skirt. Right, chicken? You fight an unwanted smile and swat his hand away.

Gamer sex tumblr

Your resolve is crumbling quickly, but you still have it in you to be petty. His shoulders sag. His fingers undo the button he was playing with. With the pull and tension the sweater had on your tits gone, they fall just a little and jiggle lightly. You still say nothing. He cups his hands around them and squeezes. So squishy and so so soft. He groans and buries his face in between them. You cup your little hands around them, to protect yourself.

He spanks your butt lightly. He settles all the way back in gamer sex tumblr gaming chair, and opens his arms for you. You straddle his waist, facing him, knees on opposite sides of his hips and you scoot as close to him as you can, arms wrapping around his neck. Your boobs are pressed to his chest, still out and bouncing freely with every shift of your body. Incentive for him to end the game quickly.

You can feel a little semi in his pants. A sweet pink feeling bubbles in your chest. He got kinda hard just from touching your tits a little bit. True love. You settle over his cock, wiggling a pinch more to get comfy. He hisses and grips hard at your hips, trying to keep you still. You avoid eye contact, looking everywhere but him. The led lights look really pretty on the baby blue setting. You reach back and grab it.

He gives you an exasperated look before turning the mic on again. Jimin carries on swiftly. You are so pussy-whipped. Before Jeongguk can reply you speak into the mic.

Gamer sex tumblr

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