Games with hot girl characters

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There can be no denying that, in the past, women in video games have been overlooked at best, and poorly written fan service at worst. Thankfully, though, things are now changing. Developers and publishers are realizing that women actually do play games, are worth writing about, and games with female protagonists do sell.

Female protagonists are part of a growing trend in video games as developers look to branch away from the burly macho men of yesteryear. As always, the indie scene is also doing a fantastic job of providing us with layered and flawed characters of both sexes. Updated July 11, by Tom Bowen: Equal representation in video games has become a big talking point in recent years, and it seems that developers are now finally starting to listen.

Granted, there are plenty of great retro games with female protagonists too, although it's only recently that the prevalence of female le in both big-budget and indie titles has really reflected the proportion of women who play video games.

The Final Fantasy series has treated us to some excellent female party members over the years, but it's rare to see one given a starring role. The pick of the bunch, however, is undoubtedly Final Fantasy VI, which as well as being one of the series' very best entries, features not one, but two female le. Terra's struggle to come to terms with the revelations about her lineage and past allow players to get a better idea of her mental strength, while her physical strength is on display right from the beginning of the game. Likewise, Celes' time on the island with Cid also serves as a test of her mental toughness and her ability to move past her depression and reunite the party ultimately serves as the catalyst for Kefka's downfall.

Valve doesn't make new games all that often since the creation of Steam, but, when it does, they tend to be good ones. The first Portal game was a wonderfully written physics-based adventure that captivated gamers everywhere and its sequel was even better.

For as enjoyable as the gameplay and puzzles in the titles are, however, the games' biggest strength is arguably the captivating relationship between their protagonist, Chell, and the psychotic AI system, GLaDOS. As a silent protagonistit would be easy to discount Chell as a bit of a nothing character, but there's a lot more to her than first meets the eyes or ears.

Despite the barrage of abuse and barbed insults that GLaDOS hurls at her and the apparent hopelessness of her situation, she just keeps on testing in the hopes of somehow finding freedom. This perseverance eventually pays off in what ends up being a thrilling and fast-paced climax. She doesn't become the focal point of the Telltale series until the second season, but Clementine is often considered the best part of the games.

Even after Telltale closed down, Robert Kirkman helped get a group together to finish the game so fans could find closure for Clementine's arc. In the first season, Lee takes care of Clementine, and then when he passes away, Clementine has to find her own journey and eventually takes care of a younger kid the same way Lee took care of her. Syndicate focuses on two protagonists, Evie and Jacob Fyre. Evie is the older twin sister of Jacob.

She is a British games with hot girl characters who was active during the Victorian era. Evie quickly became a fan-favorite character and has remained one of the most popular characters in the franchise. While games with hot girl characters doesn't have the whole game to herself, she does have a lot of memorable moments and scenes in Syndicate that make playing it worthwhile.

A remake of Resident Evil 3 followed in the footsteps of the Resident Evil 2 remake, with Jill Valentine taking the lead role alongside Carlos Oliveira. Like Clare, Jill has always been a very popular character in the franchise. In the remake, players will get their chance to play as Jill after she is attacked in her apartment by an intelligent bioweapon called Nemesis. The game is about Jill's escape from Raccoon City and the pursuit by Nemesis that almost kills her. Some reviewers have called Resident Evil 3 as strong of a remake as Resident Evil 2, but play for yourself and find out which you prefer!

Players control Alyx, humanity's only chance at survival, as she tries to help the resistance take down the Combine once and for all. The game is set in between the first Half-Life and the second. Alyx will need to team up with her father, Dr. Eli Vance, and many other allies. Bright Memory is a first-person shooter and hack and slash game that features a protagonist named Shiela, who works for the Science Research Organization. Her goal is to try and prevent a military organization from reawakening the dead.

It takes place in a riveting and graphically gorgeous location called "Land of Sky," which is home to many ancient beings. The game received excellent reviews upon its launch. Faith Connors is the protagonist of the Mirror's Edge video game series.

She appeared in the original game and its reboot, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. Her role in the game is that of a "Runner," which is someone who transports necessary items to groups trying to hide from the controlling government system. She is often on lists about the best female characters in video games for a reason considering her de isn't oversexualized, a rarity in the video game world, and her incredible abilities and complex storylines in the games.

Silent Hill is a beloved survival horror franchise with some of the most disturbing imagery in the genre. Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the first game, although it is the third overall.

Games with hot girl characters

Players will take on the role of Heather Mason, a teenager who gets separated from her dad in a shopping mall. As she tries to find him, the world around her begins to shift into something much dark and more sinister and the reality around her begins to fracture.

Resident Evil 2 received rave reviews when it was released last year and it even won multiple Game of the Year awards. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering how well-made the game was. It has two protagonists in Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Games with hot girl characters

Claire has long been games with hot girl characters an iconic video game character, especially in the Resident Evil series. She's a renowned badass who people can't help but love. In this game, you get to help her escape Raccoon City from the plague of infected. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is one of the few games in the franchise that lets you choose to play as a woman for the entirety of the game.

Kassandra is easily the most popular option, too. While you can choose between her or Alexios, it seems like most players strongly prefer Kassandra. In terms of her character de and the voice acting, she is a very strong choice. Where the first Last of Us game was, for all intents and purposes, a story about Joel as he came to terms with the loss of his daughter and learned to love again, the sequel instead focusses on Ellie's struggles to accept the brutal reality of the new world.

She's not the only strong female protagonist in the game though, with players also getting to spend quite a bit of time in the shoes of the game's main antagonist, Abbie. Some of the events in the game didn't sit well with everyone, nor was Abbie a particularly popular character. Even so, her inclusion allowed the developers to tell a very different type of story than the one found in the first game, with viewers encouraged to reexamine their thoughts about Joel and Ellie.

Perspective can sometimes be incredibly important, and that's definitely the case when looking at events through Abbie's eyes. The first game in the Tales series, and the first real big-budget JRPG, to feature a female protagonist is also the best Tales game in years. Tales of Berseria tells the story of Velvet Crowe, who grows up in a quiet village that is soon ravaged by daemons brought on by an event known as Daemonblight. While the original Tomb Raider games did feature a tough female protagonist, she was also skimpily-clad and busty. She is incredibly human.

Lara is still excellent.

Games with hot girl characters

While Samus may not be an outstanding character in terms of her writing, character development, dialogue, and interactions, she is an excellent character when judged on her actions. From game to game, Samus and the player visit myriad planets, each with their own dangers to survive and mysteries to uncover. Her suit and ship des also remain some of the coolest in gaming history, untainted by time and nostalgia. In each of the four mainline games, white man Drake teams up with older white man Sully to fight off hordes of their fellow men.

While Drake is not overly masculine, he can still become tired as a character, and so the release of Lost Legacy as a game that allows players to finally embody fan-favorite supporting character Chloe was a welcome one. A real refreshing experience.

Games with hot girl characters

While she might be all skimpy clothes, suggestive comments, and the occasional streak, Bayonetta is undeniably a tough woman. In fact, she laughs in it, kicks it, and grinds it into the dirt with high heels which are also guns and sometimes swords. Bayonetta has fun in every moment of combat, and you the player are having fun right along with her. Her posh English accent and her librarian glasses wonderfully juxtapose her frantically murderous actions. Her obsession with style melds perfectly with the obsession of the game itself with substance, making for a perfectly balanced action game.

Ah, Ellen Ripley. Amanda is tasked with using her wits to outsmart her pursuers, one of which is the deadly hunter xenomorph, as she hides, crafts, weapons, and learns her environment in order to survive. She is every bit games with hot girl characters woman her mother was. Aurora has found herself in a fairy tale book after grieving the death of her mother. A subtle allegory for the struggles of working through depression, this game treats players to a beautifully deed and animated world of fairy tale creatures and settings; a world that imbues Aurora with the gift of flight and the power to fight back against the darkness of her mind.

Once again we have here a female protagonist who is strong not only in the physical sense, but also mentally strong as well. As a result, Aurora is able to survive just about anything, including her own depression. The man living in Tokyo claims to have made 10 million yen from selling modded products. Share Share Tweet 0.

Games with hot girl characters

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Games with hot girl characters

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