Havana club game

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Um dieses Game zu spielen, muss der Adobe Flash Player installiert sein. Klicke auf den Button unter diesem Text um. There are mobile games related to havana club Game 2, such as Princesses Bffs Club and Sprint Club Nitro that you can play on yiv. Golden star casino promo codes. Havana Club promotes responsible attitudes to drinking and against the misuse of alcohol. Spin simba. Drink responsibly. Havana Club 7 Anos is the first in the Havana Club series in terms of price which is intended as a sipping rum. When Bacardi had to re-locate to Puerto Rico, Havana Club remained in Cuba and remained largely under government control.

The presence of Havana Club particularly in the UK has increased rapidly recently. Even my local Italian restaurant stocks the younger Anejo and white 3 Anos. Havana Club 7 Anos is presented in an unusual tall sleek black bottle.

Havana club game

Usually I would find a screw cap to be a bit of a disappointment but the screw top is good quality and unusually it adds to the overall presentation. Well it sounds impressive, the front label also states the rum should be enjoyed over ice or in a premium cocktail.

All impressive sounding stuff. So how does the rum look in the glass? The nose is quite sweet but I detect havana club game same scent that I have experienced with the Havana Club Anejo. The remaining nose is oak, dry tobacco and smokiness. Subsequent sips are much smoother. If you slosh the rum around a little in your mouth you get a more satisfying flavour.

The finish is quite short and very bitter. The note of cocoa by the Master Blender is spot on. Personally I prefer Drinking Chocolate to Cocoa and my rum tastes are fairly similar. This is a real Cuban style rum.

Havana club game

One which would be enjoyed with a big cigar. Its smoky and bitter it reminds you of snooker halls full of smoke or old fashioned gangster movies. However, I hope if you read my reviews in full you will be able to make havana club game informed decision on whether the rum is for you. After all I enjoy a lot of my rum with cola, a lot of people see this as an aberration!

Speaking of cola I best add some to the Havana Club. The rum does mix surprisingly well the bitterness and notes of tobacco lose their edge. This can make the rum a little cloying and rich along with the cola. I actually find it a bit sickly and unpleasant after a few. In the style I would go for Matusalem 15 or Bermudez Aniversario first but that is purely my preference. I must score it as I find it though. This is a good example of a 7 year old Cuban rum.

If you especially like Cuban rum add a half or full star to my rating. This post may contain affiliate links. As a result I may receive commission based on sales generated from links on this. Review scores are not affected by or influenced by this.

Havana club game Havana club game

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