Leegit games

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in. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Did you know: Shoot and Earn is the only legitimate flick football video game through which you can make real money, just by putting the ball in the net, that's all there is to it.

Open the money app and explore and play the various game modes. Select your favorite highest paying game mode and play!! Starting making money playing games. Play more, win more, earn more and increase your cash balance. Request your PayPal money payout. Receive the money and earn more cash! Our process requires that you commit to playing the games, but we sure leegit games pay you, something leegit games other apps promise but never do!

Play consistently, intelligently and get paid! How does it work? How is this possible? You may ask. So, we are just sharing back with you the revenue we earn from advertisements. And also, very little of your time is consumed, and you can play the games whenever, wherever and however you want to This game is the best because you actually will win by playing it, there are no hooks attached to games in the app unlike other games. The game takes a very little amount of time to play, but rewards you heavily when you play it right, that is, by scoring!

Don't feel like playing the earn money mode, there is also a free training mode, in which you can hone your skills, become better, then try the modes that pay you cash money for winning. NO gaming skills are required to play any of them. Even a toddler can play these games. The only info you provide is your PayPal address during cash-out. Why would you play anything else? Reviews Review policy and info. Score goals and get paid! Play for free!

Leegit games

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Leegit games

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Leegit games Leegit games

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