No haven game

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This game was deed for RAGS 2. Using any other version of RAGS and especially any beta version will certainly result in messed up text if not outright crashes. As of 0. Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various asments to earn gold, supplies and slaves. The current state of the game is currently in beta and is in active development with a great deal still to come.

For a smut game this is both complex and heavily based on managing a whole bunch of RNG. If you are having problems understanding the gameplay please read the in game documentation for help which is available and I'm always ready to answer questions on the forum here or elsewhere.

Well aware though that this is not going to be for everyone so if you're looking for a more straightforward experience this may not be for you. If you're having trouble with rags or if the file claims to be invalid please check out the help guide on my tumblr.

This now also includes links which can potentially improve the rags engine. This is a pretty interesting game. While the emphasis is on slaving, it's really more of 'Brigand Simulator' as you send out your group to rob, pillage, and exploit. The gameplay was interesting enough that I quickly got sucked into it quite for a while, though it does get a little repetitive and clicky once you get your followers past the early game difficulty hump. Speaking of the early game though, it really feels a bit too random early on.

You can easily get into a 'cycle of failure' where everyone keeps losing morale and using supplies simply due to bad RNG, making it harder and harder to get any success until you might as well just restart. Still, this is one of the better RAGS games I've seen and there's enough content right now to be worth a play. At least it works on version 3 which has far less trouble on Windows Grab for cash? It's free. This type of game is not what im usually into but there is a lot of effort put in this.

The menues and the lo of text you have to read in order to do your everyday tasks no haven game looking through your asments show the limitations of the RAGS engine. I didn't put enouhg time in this game to go into more detail to comment further but the last review I read didn't do the game justice.

I haven't tested the scenarios yet, but I think I have a decent feel to the game. Took me a while to find the no haven game tab on the bottom of the screen - made everything that much easier. However, I am left desiring more from the endgame. I found a few things worth considering. As of now, you get what you choose. Random encounters at the camp or during the journey to spice things up? Supply trade and exploration should have the option to automatically repeat the task.

No haven game

One to three days of rest so that you can cancel it, though. Some option to hide the details? This is wrong. All in all one of the more solid games on the web and definitely on the top of the food chain. Can't wait for more. Home Community Forum Chat .

No haven game

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No haven game

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No haven game

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No haven game

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