Otherworld adult game

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! The only thing you need to know is to use your mouse! The game is very challenging, and has no tutorial. It is the kind of hard I prefer. This game was fun and interesting. The music was one of the things that stood out more than its graphics and physics, but I see this as an underrated game.

Otherworld adult game

I think a lot more people should play this. However, I can see that other reviewers could find this way too hard, way too easy, or downright confusing. I guess it could get better bosses and show a tutorial for beginner gamers. The game is not bad. Graphics and music are good. The game is challenging.

Otherworld adult game

However, you need to explain better what the player has to do as MarksmanM said. The first thing which shocked me was the Play button. Why not writing "Play" in the circle? Why do I have to wait 5s to see "Push here to start"? I clicked two times on the star because the first time I played I didnt wait so I didnt know how i reached the credits and when i was on the credits, i had to imagine clicking will make me return to the main menu Keep in mind that players don't know your game, your thoughts.

They need instructions.

Otherworld adult game

But you made something well : the city level, before the planet menu. It can be used as the tutorial level. And don't forget they have "standard shortcuts" :. Pretty good, however, there are a couple of amateur mistakes you made when you submitted this flash, namely the fact that there is no actual explanation as to what the heck your supposed to do! I took the time to try and figure out what the main otherworld adult game of the game was, and here it is for all you guys who don't understand the concept of the game:.

You yourself are otherworldly with super powers yourself, and as you are the hero, you travel to 3 different planets to conquer and defeat the 'Otherworld' creatures. You can not shoot things, until you see the boss. In order to get to a boss, you must first, hit the star thing in the beginning, outside your apartment, then you must navigate out of said apartment. After collecting a few gems, it will prompt you to 'Go to space! To do this, you must click and hold the mouse and point to the top of the screen.

You can only do this ONCE it prompts you. You will then be taken to a form of sub menu where you are in space, and you choose between 1 of 3 planets. Once you click on one,you will be transported there, where you will encounter a boss. Mars has a nuclear facility that shoots fire upwards to the sky with hp. You must use the skill of holding the mouse down and aim towards the right which I call 'flinging' and you will encounter it.

It has hp. Also note that as you do this, it will also edge your character closer to the enemy as you are semi-flinging the hero towards the boss whilst attacking it. This will activate the shield and you will be able to hold position there until you decide to let go of the mouse clicker, which will then fling you in the desired direction. The longer you hold the clicker, the stronger your flick will be! Also note that sometimes, if you are hit, the shield will not activate a form of punishment for being hit in the game but will re-activate after a while.

Also note that if your shield is attacked too much, the shield health bar will go down, and if it is at 0, you will not be able to use the shield to defend yourself. This may only be a split second, but they are vital! Being hit will devastate the health bar. If you die, you will restart that boss level.

You can not go to another planet until you defeat the boss! Once a boss is defeated, if will prompt you to go back to space refer to above on how to do this. Boss on Saturn are 2 flying eyeballs. To defeat them, I found that staying on the ground and fling myself left to right and vice versa WHILST shooting at the first eyeball is much easier then flying around and trying to take both on.

Once otherworld adult game bottom one is dead each eyeball has hp tackle the eyeball above. Boss 3 is a flying iceman who travels from right to left ONLY and shoots from left to right. I found staying near the left of the screen in mid air whilst shooting at his rear when he approaches is the most appropriate way to deal with him, but be warned!

Staying in one place in the air is a hassle! I found however that shot quick clicks of the mouse near the top corner of the screen was most effective. You will finally be prompted to go back into space and you will have a new planet to take on. It looks like an eclipse, so I assume it must be some sort of moon. This final boss looks exactly like you, but with a star. He does not shoot at you. After some plot driven commentary which just adds more question than answers may I add you 'tackle' him.

Gamers need a good understanding of the game before being thrown into a level, otherwise many gamers will just get frustrated or simply just rage quit! The mechanics of the game is ok, but I found that the direction of my flings which I assume is my mouse aim does not always correspond to where I want my hero to go. This otherworld adult game be quite annoying hint hint!

Otherworld adult game

The introduction was poor! I had to click around a few times. Initially Otherworld adult game thought collecting gems was the main objective, but after an extensive play, this was not the case! What was the point of collecting the gems? I collected gems, but it did nothing! I think that was much needed in this game! If not, at least have some sort of 'high score' you could post after completion of the game! You also need a intro as to what the heck is going on. Why am I able to fling myself from left to right?

The ending was very confusing, but helped in the plot. If you had an into THEN had the final commentary at the end, it would of aided in the gamer understanding much more. Please take the time to read this as this will only improve yourself as a developer and hopefully understand what many gamers would like to experience!

Otherworld adult game

Bare that in mind! Just fly around and Avoid his charge attacks and don't bother shooting him as this does not do much. Hopefully you can figure out the rest. If I wasn't a patient guy, I would be sayingwhich does not show the true strength of this game.

It is good, but could be made much much better!

Otherworld adult game

Ok, first of all I tried to implement a "tutorial" that seemed to have failed in the first screen when the baby falls out of the appartment. When you figured out how to fall down your GUI appears, music changes, gems appears but this isnt trasmitted correctly as you noted me. Discovery is a great part for me and that was what made Otherworld a 7.

Like I said.

Otherworld adult game

OtherWorld Share Collapse. Author Comments. Relax and enjoy some awesome chiptunes! Use mouse click touch to control your avatar. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer ! Sort By: Date Score. I really enjoyed playing this, and it deserves a 4. When you click near or on the enemy, you will see red lasers being fired at the boss. Once a boss is defeated, if will prompt you to go back to space refer to above on how to do this Boss on Saturn are 2 flying eyeballs. Why did I have to hit that star above the poll outside my apartment?

Am I a baby, a grown man or woman? Why do I have 'Otherworldly' powers? Music was ok. PS you can drop to the bottom of the screen and you will re-appear on the top. To talk about the game is to talk about me and what I feel with your playtrough. When you kill a boss you return to select other stage until defeating everyone of them. Nice to meet you, please dont hesitate to contact me. Views 7, Faves: 8 Votes 17 Score 3. Tags boss indie planet space. Destroy aliens, collect gems and use your powers to survive and be the best! Waveblazer by jupitron. RetroVersus by jupitron. OOORB by tank2tank.

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Otherworld adult game

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