Outbreak games patreon

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Outbreak games patreon

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 71 of Go to. TheSinful Active Member. Jun 11, From the studio that was banned from patreon for making a werewolf lick a girl's butthole. Reactions: allintine. Dude New Member. Jun 27, 1 0. I like the milfs Yeet35 New Member. Aug 22, 8 This game is fucking amazing, great story great endings and. Apr 28, Cypresszeta has officially been forced to scrub all his adult content from Partreon.

He has moved his support operation for his adult games to SubscribeStar: You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: Gaboris. Gaboris Active Member. Aug 10, WOMANpukumaru said:. Gaboris said:. Sadly that's not Patreon's doing so don't blame them for it. Deleted member Guest Guest. Jan 31, 37 5. And if so could they share it? Also, can't wait for Tropical Daze, as I am curious as to how Jason will act now that he's completely brainwashed into what he is now. Respected User. Aug 8, 19, 12, Reactions: Bagley and StarCreator. StarCreator Member. Oct 2, At the last instant however, I had a brilliant idea that turned things around, got patreon to unban us, and allows me to keep paying the people that work for me over the holidays.

Although this will mean tremendous change and will be rather unpleasant for all of us in some ways, this is the best use I could make of this situation. I originally deed it as a game I could use to get a toehold in non-adult game development. It is not done, however, since my focus was on finishing my nsfw games.

Effective immediately, we will be doing the following: 1: All nsfw games, content, and prior works are being removed from patreon entirely, and will now be available on You must be registered outbreak games patreon see outbreak games patreon links. Oct 4, 1, StarCreator said:. May 28, 94 So thats mean we not gonna see Tropical Daze very long time. Last edited: Dec 29, Dec 30, 21 Fucking censorship.

Eventually, company is going to be willing to do any and all transactions, and it'll hopefully crush all this shit into dust, "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Adabelitoo Well-Known Member. Jun 24, 1, 2, It's just a facade like Bones did once they banned his main game, but Bones kept his patreon doing a "safe" NSFW game in Patreon and moved his game other game to Subscribestar while Cypress went all the way with his facade.

Outbreak games patreon

Supporting his new SFW game on Patreon is the exact same thing now and before. It's funny how paypal patreon noticed the hypnosis and the underage content is it really underage? I didn't play it from his other game but he doesn't mention patreon talking him about incest at all. KillerKlown Newbie.

Aug 19, 74 Much like actual porn, the Step fig leaf is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes on. Yeah, while some of this is Patreon's fault, the actual culpritis are PayPal and the credit card companies. The last push had to deal with the last Anti Sex worker law from congress not that Patreon or creator's viloated it, but it spooked everyone but this sabre rattling from people who are fine with fraud but want to impose values on you. Velsomnia Active Member. Jul 29, I'm outbreak games patreon glad that he figured out how to sidestep the axe because I truly love Cypress Zeta's games.

Overwhored was one of my first hentai games to play and right from the opening with that wonderful soundtrack he had me hooked and hasn't let go since. Definitely going to pledge asap to make sure the games keep coming. KekingW Newbie. Sep 10, 18 4.

Dooble Member.

Outbreak games patreon

May 3, This is a way late observation that may have been made about one of the choices in game that probably should have lead to a faliure ending or something but there is a chose to have the mom walk around the house naked or opt into having the sisters also help and both have the same result of having the sisters help and what not. AnonymousAssassinAdan08 said:. I don't want to download misused pregnancy tags games. Reactions: JustTrying. Pregnancy, only 1 character or all the girls?

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Outbreak games patreon

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