Sex tape game

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Can't load the game? Try to disable your adblocker! You impersonate Terry, a freelance journalist. In this first episode, you are offered a new job: find about a sex-tape involving a famous actor. Investigate in the scene of jet-setters nightlife! Next Next Click on the green button to take the phone call Not at all. I was working. Are you calling me as a friend or or as a banking advisor? What's going on, Clara? Oh yeah? I don't see what I can do for you And I have to return the favour, right?

Sex tape game

But I'm going to pay it! But I can't give you 30 without delay because you're in trouble! I'm listening, Clara. Tell me what you intend to do. I have a contract I can pay back the money but I need a little more time. It's a confidential investigation, I can't tell you any more than that. I'm waiting for payment shortly My client is looking for a new bank.

When this is over, I could put you in contact. Within a week! OK, that works!

Sex tape game

Go and make peace with your boss! This time, I'm going to get you out of trouble so you owe me a favour ; Let's have a drink on Wednesday night Don't hesitate to let me know Next Next Click on the green button to take the phone call Hi, Katia. What's the occasion? This is excellent news.

I'm in a bit of trouble at the moment. What's the job? No worries.

Sex tape game

See you soon Next Next - Knock on the door - Please don't call me "sweetie". Tell me what you're proposing. I don't have time to lose.

Sex tape game

Of course, damnit, I'm a professional! Before I accept, you have to tell me a bit more about it Who's in it? I only work for the best. The "latino sex symbol" I see. Who are the other protagonists? Who offered you the video? I have the impression that the easiest thing is to ask you what you know And do we know where the scene was filmed? Everyone knows that, thanks!

Photos of him drunkenly stumbling out of the hotel, indeed I see And how much time do I sex tape game And can I know how much this video costs? And if I accept, how much are you going to pay for my work? If I propose to you that I'll accomplish this mission in 3 days, how much will you increase it to?

I'll take 30 Because I am a man who likes to be challenged and in internet time, after 6 days, it's no longer a scoop. Send the information, now. OK, I'll call her right away. Next Next Click on the green button to take the phone call Excellent. Are we still meeting up on Sex tape game Have a nice day!

Next Next Hello, Malia. I would like to meet you I would prefer to speak to you in person. It's a private matter, I really need to speak to you quickly. I'm sorry to hear that It's annoying but are you sure that's the real reason why you're agitated? I can definitely replace him I don't have a tennis racquet but we should be fine. With pleasure! So am I qualified or not? My name is Terry. I'm a friend of Tom Power. It's sensitive I don't know if I can talk about it on the phone Tom told me a lot of good things about you.

He talked to me for a long time about your butt Can I see it? Next Next I'd like to see a little bit more Go on Take off the dress Take off your thong now Show me your pussy What do you want? Now that I'm here, you can take it off. Next That would be great. Next OK, turn over! Next No, I love it! Next Next OK, show me your large breasts I'm going to cum!

Next Tom was right! You're an excellent girl. I'll see him tonight. I can give it to him, if you like? OK, I'll take it!

Sex tape game

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