Student transfer game

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in. Student Transfer. This is my favourite visual novel of all time with no exceptions. But this. I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the developers, because they are the most generous and friendly people I have ever seen to dedicate so much of their time and effort into something so beautiful. My heart goes out to the creators of this visual novel…I love you guys. I want to hug you. Did I say I love you?

Student transfer game

I love you. So much. I wanna hug you…I want to be there for you…I want to marry you….

Student transfer game

What is Student Transfer? Well Student Transfer is a free collaborative visual novel hosted on tfgamessite. And you might be thinking, how could a free project made by independent developers outshine the likes of Grisaia, G-senjou no Maou and Katawa Shoujo combined?

Student transfer game

Each of them had amazing stories but nothing that really connected with me on a personal level, that understood how I thought and constantly surprised me with delight until I found Student Transfer. Student Transfer is the perfection of both quantity and quality. Student Transfer focuses on the protagonist John who is a student transfer game unremarkable highschool student and the host of characters composed of his family and friends. Straight off the bat, there is no antagonist which is a crucial part of what makes this story so enrapturing. The goal is to explore.

You have no alien invasion or apocalypse to stop, you do what you please. And very often your actions in trying to help those around you cause further harm, however it is this curiousity to find out more about those around you which makes this game so captivating. This game encourages you to explore and I love that. And if there was a goal it would just be to discover more about the remote and you do that by using the remote or the spell book in the various paths.

In fact, it is the extreme focus and attention to detail on the relationships between characters that makes this novel exceed all others. And the characters, these are really lovingly constructed. Mmm rice…. To Yui who is this upright stickler to the rules, whose strict outer personality hides her inner vulnerability and kindness and how she just wishes for a friend and someone to save her from her loneliness.

To Brad, who has this ature soundtrack that plays whenever he appears.

Student transfer game

Man he has to be the most recognisable character in this game, at least visually. Just take a look. And although he has the quintessential appearance of a delinquent, the way the developers weave him into a nice guy who is perhaps a tad to lax on the rules synthesises this amazing character.

All the characters have their various insecurities, for example Katrina who you discover in her route is in love with you, but is afraid to break apart the group and your friendship.

Student transfer game

One of the routes that resonates with this idea of insecurities is the Mina route in which you find yourself possessing another person and using their memories to imitate them. However, what ends up happening in the process is that you are consumed by hermemories.

Before this route, I had entirely dismissed the characters of Mina and Philia as simply being there to give the main character and his friends a harder time, however knowing that Mina was shy to such an extent that she was relying on Philia for the most basic of communication really made me look at them with a new perspective. In about the space of fifteen minutes you are introduced to your older sister, mother, three friends, one bro-friend, the local shrine girl, a delinquent smoker, one elite athlete, your neighbour, the school council president, your history teacher, your homeroom teacher, two of the girls from the popular group and your yandere stalker, all whilst informing you about their relationships with respect to you.

And it does it with perfect pacing, managing to not feel rushed and actually getting you accustomed to each of the characters and their unique characteristics. Because only from that can you develop a full picture of this game, because when you relive the same scene, but realise what a difference that making that single choice does to derail the story from its trajectory, that feeling is beyond spectacular.

So on this day you either choose to go with your friend Kiyoshi and end up being abducted by aliens who give you an alien device. OR you end up getting a magic book which turns out to be real as a result of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with Katrina, one of your other friends. Both of them are similar and possess some of the same powers, however have their own subtle differences in how they student transfer game, which cause massive ripples throughout the story, so any outcomes are vastly disparate.

Powers that they both share and are integral to the story and probably the most iconic are body-swapping, changing genders and mind control. Personally, I just love the idea of body-swapping and or changing genders as a concept, I mean what better way to gain empathy for a character than actually being them? And Student Transfer puts this to good use as with aforementioned Mina route and Connie route where you get to see the school environment in a completely different light. Additionally, being able to switch between different genders is just this surreal experience and it blew me away and evoked so much pleasure to see how it changed how they interacted with others and also how they looked.

A short mention to the ability to mind control people as it opens up so many more paths and allows for more complex scenarios to evolve out of Student Transfer. There are so many choices. Probably the feature I love the most about this is the amount of choice you have in this visual novel. I was just starstruck that I could make that decision or have such fine control when other visual novels offered none of it, pretending to offer the illusion of choice, before returning back to the main skeleton.

This is probably the only game where 15 s of saves actually felt necessary and I did use most of the slots, because I was confronted with so much choice that I legitimately had to use it regularly and I thank the developers for their foresight on this. The diversity of content on this gives this game student transfer game and I adore that about Student Transfer. Speaking of which in the current update V3. And I might as well bring in one of the most important parts of this visual novel which is the idea that it is a collaborative effort between anyone who wants to write.

However, it also means that pretty much all aspects are covered, all decisions that you could feasibly take are likely covered. Which kind of le back to my point which is that there are so many choices. That is because there are so many writers. This being a collaborative project, means there is more content. They know the pitfalls and student transfer game intimately familiar with the medium inside and out, because it is what they love and saturate themselves with daily.

And you might feel like the quality of the writing would be inconsistent, however from my experience, I feel like the quality of the writing stays top notch throughout the entire playthrough. It also means that if you are determined enough you can the team. Hell they even have a fan discord, which means that even without being a developer you can put in your own opinion and the devs are very receptive to feedback and discussion with their fans.

Student transfer game

That is truly good de. Why is this so smart? Because it makes choices that you chose. It makes you feel like you influenced not only what the character did, but what they thought.

Student transfer game

It makes you feel like the character and I thought that that was just really neat. If I had one criticism it would be one of the routes in the current build. A warning, there are spoilers in the following for Student Transfer. Because as a writer I personally feel like I avoid characters like that, because I only like honorable and noble characters.

However, characters like this help bring student transfer game to the story without being an overly dramatic antagonist and precipitate flair into your writing. Your sister is also featured in this route and before this, all we know about your sister is that she has recently become less friendly with you, becoming cold and distant because of some reason or another.

The only problem student transfer game where this route goes. And the thing is if you fail in this route, he brainwashes you and everyone else in the school and rapes you and makes you like it. The problem is not only is it inconsistent with the character of Jack Mallory, who yes, does hate you, but never to such a degree. And why would him raping your sister make him hate you? Furthermore, this route just makes you feel guilty for taking any other route.

Because if you take any other route you also choose to let the person who raped your sister and killed another person go scot free, which is really bad. It kind of ruins the other routes, which I dislike. Who cares? With the ridiculous amount of content already available and released I simply cannot fault them for this. To conclude, I have to say thank you to all the devs who made Student Transfer, especially to those who left and I never got the chance to meet. Because this is a collaborative web project, a lot of the people working on this left for other projects and various reasons and I sincerely thank you for what you have contributed to this visual novel.

During my short stay with them after ing onto the project I have found that they give you honest feedback on your writing that I actually think helped out a ton, pointed out of things that I missed and inconsistencies with the canon and in general, improved me as a writer. As of now this visual novel is not available on Steam or other platforms.

Student transfer game

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