Translated h game

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This lists fan-translation patch links for hentai games we have reviewed. If a game has received an official English translation, it will not be on this list. These are only patch links. Please support the developers and purchase the games. Starless Nymphomaniac Paradise — An enormous hentai visual novel with many endings. Patch Here. Petite Goddess Emily — Play as a female angel who slowly gets corrupted by horny monsters and men.

Rural Life Survival — The most popular scat game we have reviewed so far. Devoted Knight Kuon — Save the princess before she gets groped by the prison guards! Girl Knight Milk — As the daughter of a nobleman, plenty of horny men want your virgin pussy! Vampire Notes — Find your family heirloom and unlock your true vampire powers! Annelitte — The sexy knight captain must fight to stop the corrupting mist in her town!

Kamikaze Kommittee Ouka — Play as a kungfu girl who either defeats the delinquents or gets beat up! Flash Cycling — Ride your bicycle nude and show off your sexy body! Alternative patch here. Magician of Olecta Desert — Sneak through the caves and hidden areas and avoid capture! Patch here. Kanade and the Ecchi Worklife — Get a job and pay off your debt, have sex along the way! Whatever — Play as a ditzy detective girl who gets in way over her head! Cos Ro 1 — Convince your girlfriend to do cosplay and maybe even fuck other translated h game Evening Starter — Hunt down monsters to pay off your debt to the Yakuza!

Virgin Island — Explore an island for treasure, and try to stay a virgin! Gentle Girl Short Escape — Escape the mansion or watch as your childhood crush is stolen from you! Escape From Z City — Find supplies to survive the zombie apocalypse and watch your stepsister get fucked! Ane Kasegi — A bar simulator with netorare and stepsister sex.

Alternate patch here. Anthesis — To satisfy the demon, you must become a free-use whore! Dungeon Repeater — Prostitute yourself while battling to find a mysterious demonic gem! Obedient Childhood Friend — Keep her to yourself or convince her to be a free-use slut! Kunoichi Botan — Defeat the evil oni-demons or face hardcore abuse from their cocks!

Revenge of Swordsman Milia — Translated h game down and defeat the men who kidnapped your sister! Monster Tamer Aria — From slimes to orcs, have sex with tons of random monsters! Pregcess of Zeven — Conquer the dungeon or give in and get impregnated by a stranger. Young Elven Wife — A pure netorare game about an elf cheating on her husband! Violated Miki-Chan — Watch a ditzy bimbo get tricked into sex acts for pay!

Translated h game

Prostitute of Magmell — Play as a lonely prostitute with a mysterious backstory. Evilslayer Maiden — Exorcise demon monsters or have sex with them if you lose. Sana — A netorare game about a woman with absurdly large breasts.

Translated h game

Prank War — Play as a horny school teacher who cheats on her husband with every man in town! To Catch A Predator — A chikan hentai game. Groping on a train turns into sex! Prison Battleship 2 — A creampie ahegao experience. Hara Kano — Choose from seven girls and impregnate her with your baby!

Translated h game

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Translated h game

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Translated h game Translated h game

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